Interdisciplinary project (Bachelor)

Interdisciplinary Project Summer term 24

The next project week will take place from 09/16 – 09/20/2024 (TBC)

Current Project

The project is an interdisciplinary project of the Department of Law and Economics in cooperation with another department. In summer semester 24, this will be the Department of Mathematics (FB4) and a practice partner.

Students work on an interdisciplinary task in small groups as part of the project event. Working in teams, the students contribute to the multidisciplinary problem solution from their respective subject perspectives. The content of the task is announced at the start of the project. The project is supported by trained supervisors who promote professional and social learning.

All Bachelor's students in the Industrial Engineering and Management and Business Informatics degree programs can participate. For successful participation, 3 CPs are awarded in the elective area.

To participate in the Interdisciplinary Project, it is mandatory to register for the course via TUCaN. Registration is generally possible up to one month before the start of the project. More detailed information will be added here at a later date.

Important: Please also register for the examination of the interdisciplinary project on TUCaN. You will find more details on the registration period here later.

Continuous and active group work is required throughout the entire project week.

Interdisciplinary project

Students: Bachelor
Cycle: Summer term/ Winter term
Type: Interdisciplinary project
Kick- off event: 2024/09/16
Group work: rooms can be found on Moodle in due time
Due date of the assignment: 2024/09/24
Due date of the presentation documents: 2024/09/24
Final event: 2024/09/25 (TBC)

Learning objectives

After the course, students can solve complex interdisciplinary problems under time constraints, work effectively in teams and communicate. Furthermore, they will learn to document results in a written report and to present and discuss them in an auditorium.

Content and Structure of the Project

The project involves working on a task in an interdisciplinary context from various perspectives. Furthermore, the project is worked on in groups. The study will be announced on the first day of the project week.

Students are supported by coaching measures about the team-building process and in learning presentation and moderation techniques.


No requirements.

Follow-up dates

The following interdisciplinary project in winter term 24/25 will occur in March 2025.