Immobilienwirtschaft I (Immobiliennutzung und -betrieb)

Immobiliennutzung und -betrieb (Immobilienwirtschaft I) WS 2023/24

TuCaN course number: 01-19-0005-vl
Rotation: Winter Semester
Type: Lecture
Time: Thurs 9:50 – 11:30
Begin: 19.10.2023
Place: S103/015
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Andreas Pfnür
Supervision: Martin Höcker
Exam Type: Written Exam
Exam Date: see here
Allocation: Specialization

Details about CP/SWS can be found in your examination regulations.

Learning Objectives

  • Ability to understand, enhance and apply methods of real estate valuation
  • Ability to understand and enhance real estate as an operating resource
    • Portfolio-/Space-Management
    • Alternatives of providing space
    • Fundamentals of Corporate Real Estate Management
  • Ability to understand management and operations of real estate
    • Facility Management
    • Property Management
  • Understanding holistic real estate service concepts

Content and Structure of the course


0. Classification of the course

1. Problem definition and delimitation of real estate management

2. Basic concept of modern real estate management

Introduction to Real Estate Valuation

3. introduction to real estate valuation

Real estate use (CREM and PREM)

4. Provision of corporate real estate

5. Real estate as an operating resource in the service provision process

6. Institutionalisation of corporate real estate management

Real estate operation and management

7. Real estate-related cost management

8. Leasing management

9. Process management in the real estate industry

10. Real estate information systems

11. Outsourcing of real estate services

12. Real estate as a service



Key Literature

  • Pfnür, A. (2011): Modernes Immobilienmanagement (3. Aufl.). Berlin u. a.: Springer.
  • Diederichs, C. J. (2006): Führungswissen für Bau- und Immobilienfachleute (2., erw. und akt. Aufl.). Berlin et al.: Springer.
  • Further literature will be announced in the lecture and via Moodle.

Course materials

Are provided in Moodle.